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Vera McCoy is an attorney, investor, and a serial entrepreneur. She obtained her B.A. from Rutgers University, with honors. She graduated from Rutgers Law School and became a member of the New Jersey State Bar.

Her first business venture was The Real McCoy Day Care Center and Nursery School with her mother. During the time she opened and operated the daycare, she and her mother also owned real estate. After The Real McCoy closed, Vera decided to start her own law firm.

Now once again she is reinventing herself, starting and developing two real estate investment firms in 2019, Royal Velvet Investments is inspiring “Positive Change Through Investing” and Success Housing Solutions, where “Success is the Only Option.”     

She’s also has a podcast aimed at encouraging and motivating entrepreneurs who have or are contemplating filing bankruptcy. Helping countless numbers of clients navigate the legal system through bankruptcy. Having had the experience of bankruptcy herself, she knows if you’re an entrepreneur you must see bankruptcy as a fresh new beginning and not the end of your journey!

Check out my YouTube channel Vera McCoy get expert advice so you can move from bankruptcy to abundance!

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