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Vera McCoy, Esq.


A business owner and practicing attorney focusing on real estate and bankruptcy, Vera McCoy provides legal counseling and services regarding real estate and bankruptcy, as well as contract preparation and review, evictions, foreclosure, short sales, and property management and maintenance.

Starting a business is no walk in the park. Even with the grandest ideas, you still need the knowledge and know-how on how to actually build it, especially when you’re building it from scratch. You don’t want to invest all that hard-earned money on something that would someday be taken from you or crumble to the ground.

Here on Financial 1st Aid, we’ll guide you on how to build your business empire from the ground up. Discover actionable steps from refining your idea and building your team to choosing your vendors, branding yourself, and so much more!

We always hope for the best when we start building our business empire. Even when we have the drive, the resources, and a fool-proof business plan, unpredictable things like the pandemic can wreak havoc on your plan. One of the hardest decisions you may have to make is whether to declare bankruptcy. But it’s not the end of the world, in fact it may be your fresh start! 


We Can Help…

  • People who are thinking about or have filed bankruptcy.
  • People who are entrepreneurs, or want to be entrepreneurs.
  • People who are interested in real estate investing.
  • Educate, Motivate & Inspire!


Emerging from bankruptcy

Step 1 –  Rebuilding credit & mindset

Step 2Developing a game plan & growth

Step 3Thriving through investing

Your Journey to Financial Wellbeing

We want to help move you forward in your quest for financial stability.  As an entrepreneur sometimes it may seem as though you’ll never be able to get there but keeping a close eye on your income and expenses will enable you to achieve success.

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Do you have an idea that you believe would make a good business?

Concerned about how and where to get started?

Are you in business and may be considering bankruptcy?  Or perhaps you’re in business and are trying to recover from bankruptcy?

Move from bankrupt to abundance as Vera shows you how to start your business smartly and recover from bankruptcy a lot more quickly.

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Some of our success stories.

“About a year ago my husband and I faced a very serious matter and sought the counsel of several attorneys but to no avail. We had one session with Vera McCoy and she gave us advice that we had not considered and that actually helped to remedy our problem. But most importantly she was accessible and her services were fairly priced. I highly recommend her.”

– The Campbells

September 2019

“Simply put, in my opinion, Vera McCoy is the best lawyer in the entire intergalactic structure. When she has negotiated legal matters for me, she has always gotten me the results I desired. When I needed a pit bull in the courtroom, she has exceeded all of my expectations there also.”

– Ron Odom, CEO

Millside Capital Fund, LLC

July 2016


This is a letter of gratitude from the bottom of my heart. You, young lady are a great lawyer and a wonderful person. If I ever need your services, I hope you will be my lawyer because girl, you know your stuff. And P.S. I love the way you don’t panic about anything.

Thank you for your kindness & hard work.”

– H. Melzi

November 2018