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The road to financial freedom can start from any place, even rock bottom. This episode’s guest will tell you how having to file for bankruptcy doesn’t mean the end to one’s hopes and aspirations. In this episode, Vera McCoy, Esq., is joined by Dr. Erin Hudson, who shares her journey from bankruptcy to financial freedom through real estate. Dr. Erin is a managing partner of Quattro Capital, whose mission is to amplify wealth and amplify life. Dr. Erin believes that you can be whatever you want to be if you’re willing to shoulder through hardships because blessings are waiting for you right around the corner. Listen to this episode and learn how you, too, can earn your freedom!

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Conversation With Dr. Erin Hudson-Superstar

This conversation is with Dr. Erin Hudson. She’s the proud mom of five beautiful children and wife to one incredibly handsome husband. She has run sixteen full marathons all over various places around the world. She loves spending time with her family outdoors and traveling the world. She gives not only her money but her time to the less fortunate. She’s been involved with building orphanages, feeding the poor, and providing clean water to villages where there was none. She loves the challenge and thrives when she’s presented with one. She was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and has a zest for life and a passion to leave her mark on this wild world. As a parent, she’s on a mission to change the trajectory of her family’s life by living and teaching her children financial literacy and living life by design being incredibly intentional in growing generational wealth so that she can be a massive legacy. Are you still a chiropractic doctor?

I’m still a chiropractor, I just no longer have my practice.

F1A 5 | Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: When we help others get what they want, we’re naturally going to get what we want.


In 2009, she opened her first wellness center and the business was a success. Within twelve months, she opened a second office. She worked with 30 team members and at that point, learned the power of duplication. She was able to train three doctors, essentially duplicating herself. In 2017, she was able to work on the business and no longer in the business. In March of 2020, she sold her last practice and she began to focus all of her efforts for the real passion, which is helping build communities and assisting people with creating financial freedom.

Her portfolio consists of being a managing partner for a 104-unit value-add multifamily in Houston, Texas purchased in May 2019, and for a 30-unit commercial retain in Tallahassee, Florida purchased in August 2019. Also, she’s the managing partner for a 35-unit value-add military family in Knoxville, Tennessee purchased in January 2020, for a 36-unit value-add multifamily in Atlanta purchased in March 2020, and for a 67-unit value-add multifamily in Knoxville, Tennessee purchased in July 2020. She told me that they purchased another 30 units.

One hundred and ten units.

Welcome to my show.

It is such a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for the invite. I cannot wait to dig in and share with the readers how they too, can have all it is that they desire in life.

Let’s get the name of your company. What’s the name of your company?

I have the pleasure. Our team is Quattro Capital. I have the pleasure of working with the most incredibly brilliant partners I could ever ask for. That is why every morning, it is such a delight to wake up and I want to say, “Pinch me. Is it true that I get to work with some of the finest?”

The focus of your company is? 

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Why we’re called Quattro? Everybody says, “Is it four people? The truth of the matter is it goes far beyond that. We’ve got five partners, but Quattro is what it stands for is the four Ps. We’re all about People and doing good for people by people. We’re all about finding the right Property that in turn is going to yield great Profits for our investors. Lastly, something that is very important to every single one of us is Philanthropy and giving back because the law of the land is, “If we can help others get what they want naturally, we’re going to get what we want.” There are a lot of people in this world that are hurting, that can’t even care for themselves. Our eyes are truly focused on them and helping for the betterment of them of their life.

I love that four-part Ps to it to explain it. I usually ask my guests this, “What motivated you to begin your journey of entrepreneurship,” but you were on that mission ever since you were a child. Tell our readers about that.

You did live a life like mine, maybe you didn’t but a picture of my life was more or less like this. My parents went to work every single day, from 9:00 to 5:00. They came home, I had exhausted parents, a mom that went to her bedroom at night because she was tired and exhausted from working so hard. Our parents lived paycheck to paycheck. We were the kids that would come home and make dinner for ourselves at night after we got out of our sporting events and so on. I remember at a very young age thinking, “Is this what life’s all about? Are we here on this Earth to live paycheck to paycheck or is there a way for us to be in control of our lives?” At a young age, I thought I never want to live my life like this. Blessed my parents’ heart, they did the best that they could and were incredibly kind, awesome parents. I wouldn’t trade them for the world, but they didn’t know any different. They were following that generational curse, the curse they had been dealt and their parents had been dealt. I was on a mission to break that generational curse and to teach my children how to take control and design their own destiny and future.

Give us a little bit about your background. How did you get started?

I actually like Ms. Ferris, the Doctor of Chiropractic. In 2003, I went into practice and I knew that I wanted to be my own boss. Initially, when I was in college, I wanted to be an OB-GYN and then it transitioned. I wanted to help people. I wanted to have patient A and patient B, I wanted to know their names. I knew more in the medical field it was patient A and patient B but I came from sports, and athleticism was important to me, and chiropractic. I had great experiences where I could maximize every area of my life when it came to sports and events if I was properly finely tuned in my body and I could see the difference between the two. I went into chiropractic and I absolutely loved it. I then opened up the second practice and began to flourish, and it was fun.

Was there ever a time when you felt discouraged or didn’t think that going into business was a good fit for you? Did you ever have that time? Did you always know that this is what you were designed to do?

I went into my residency, had little ones and right away, I knew that I wanted to be my own boss. I opened up my own practice and that’s where it began in 2009, and come five months later, I saw the benefits of opening up my first practice. I said, “Honey, I want to open up our second practice.” He said, “We’ve got a big loan on this one. Wait a bit and then we’ll open up the second one.” I said, “How about we do this? When I can have enough funds to be able to bootstrap it and open the second practice without having to get a loan, then we can pull the trigger and go for it.” He goes, “That’s going to take you probably a year and a half. When you get there, I’m in agreement on that.” I had been socking the money away. I didn’t say anything to him and five months later, I said, “I’m ready to go. Let’s open up the next practice.” He said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Here comes the matter of bootstrapping, figuring out how we could do it. There was so much fruit that came from being a business owner and getting to control your own destiny and the ball is in your court. You can run if you want to run, you can walk if you want to walk. It was an extremely powerful play opening that second office.

After that, what was your next move in terms of moving away from that pivoting into the whole real estate financial investment thing? How did that happen?

I always knew that multimillionaires and billionaires were made from real estate. There was something intriguing about it. I always wanted to be a part of real estate, but here was the problem. I lived in Southern California and the cost of buying an investment property didn’t make sense in California. The idea and thought about being an out-of-state landlord was a little bit terrifying. It was a matter of surrounding yourself around people who were doing it and that’s what I started to do. Fast forward, I had a business coach that I was working in my practice with and she said, “Erin, you have got to stop.” I said, “Stop what?” She said, “You’ve got to stop doing the $10 an hour jobs. You need to hire, delegate, and do what you’re paid to do.” This is the more hourly wage jobs than what I was doing so with that being said, it freed up time in my schedule. I started to have little windows between each patient, so I said, “This is a great time for me to start digging into the real estate space.” I decided that I was going to invest in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2015, that’s where it all began and within two years, I had acquired 26 rental properties and a taste of what that true mailbox money was like.

You had a property manager there handling that for you? 

Yes. We had property management in place and that’s what created the magic there. Being an absentee landlord and managing from afar was not anything that I desired. I wasn’t looking for another full-time job. I was looking for passive income.

F1A 5 | Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: The lows are the best price you can pay because though some would call it a failure, you learn so much from them.


Also, for financial freedom. Your company helps people create financial freedom. What’s the number one piece of advice you can give the readers about that whole creating financial freedom piece? 

Freedom is different for every single person. When I think of the word freedom and what freedom is to me, it’s freedom of time, travel wherever you want to travel, and financially, not being strapped and strange like I saw my parents been. It’s freedom of time, energy, efforts, wherever you want to go to do, whatever you want, whenever you want. That is what all individuals should be striving for because it feels good to not be at somebody else’s mercy. It feels good to know that when you wake up in the morning, your feet hit the ground and you are the one that gets to decide what it is, when you’re going to do it, and how you’re going to do it. Nothing more than wanting to teach my children that they are in control and that’s what keeps me going to push for that freedom in every area of my entire life.

What would you say to a new entrepreneur or someone who is thinking about it but is not sure? What do you think would be the first thing that they need to conquer to start their business? 

First and foremost, I don’t mean to get on a high horse, so I apologize upfront but I don’t apologize at the same time. We’re not put on this Earth to settle here and settle for mediocrity. We are supposed to have the finest in life, and many people do not step up and rise up to the occasion. They settle for that bare minimum mentality. Why? It’s because most people don’t think that they’re worth it, that they’re worthy, that they’re valued, and that they can have it. They’re not even willing to try it or even taste it. When you taste it, it’s like a mighty fine wine or a great piece of chocolate cake. You want more because it tastes good, but it’s empowering to our souls to become an entrepreneur and have the ball be in your court and you call the shots.

Anyone that’s out there that is considering stepping on and putting on this armor of entrepreneurship, are there hardships? Hell yes. Is it hard? Do you have to be hungry? Do you have to be committed? Can you be a giver-upper? Heck no. You are going to have highs and lows. Those lows are the best price you can pay because some would call it a failure, but we learned so much from those failures to never go there and never to eat the barf again. The wins far outweigh the pitfalls. If you can muster up, put on your big girl pants and go all over again because it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but the wins far surpass the losses.

That’s a great segue into the obstacles that you’ve had to overcome to get to this level of success that you presently enjoy. List some of those because it sounds so wonderful. When I read the list of all of the units that you’re part of, the real estate that you have now, and the money that you have coming in, it sounds so beautiful. Give us an example of some of the obstacles that you’ve had to overcome.  

I could seriously write a book and I say, “Who wants to air their dirty laundry?” The reason that I’m going to share some of these things with you is because it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. You have to be willing to go through the hardships, but when those hardships come, if you’re looking, there are blessings around that corner. When you go through those trials, you feel so alone, lost, and why me? I will share with you some of the hardships that I had. In 2010, my husband and I claimed bankruptcy. He was in the mortgage space and I was a stay-at-home mom. I don’t want to say stay-at-home mom, but I was still in chiropractic school, finishing all that up, and my practice was just getting started.

My husband came from the mortgage industry and everything crashed, and we know what happened there. We had to claim bankruptcy and it was rough because they always say, “When you claim bankruptcy, for the next five years, you’re not going to be able to do much.” It was a painful lesson. We look for blessings in that. Thank goodness we got to do over as the Bible says that, “We can have a do-over. You better not make that a regular occurrence, but we’re getting a do-over.” From there on out, it was so important to us to properly prepare, to have multiple streams of income. It buoyed us up to know that we are never going to find ourselves in that place because it’s painful and it’s hard.

I don’t ever wish for anyone to have to go through that. If you have, just know that you’re okay. You’re going to make it through, you will climb out of that pit, and you will move on to greater and something better. That is one hiccup we had. That was rough. As we moved into the single-family space, I have something bad that had happened to me, and this is my first time even sharing it because it was so hard to come through. I had acquired 26 rental properties along that way and about twelve months, we had other friends and family that said, “We want to get into the market as well.” My husband and I created a turnkey company where within three years, we did a little over 230 buy and sell transactions.

Along that way we had a title company that we were working with and we had done a few transactions with. Long story short, I had three buyers that were closing the same day on these properties to the tune of $107,000. They send and wire their money to the title company. Two days go by and I still have not gotten my funds wired into my account, so I reached out to the title company and they said, “We had a little hiccup, but it will be on its way.” It was total embezzlement. It ended up being a fraudulent title company. I never thought that I needed to trust. It’s one thing to trust and another to verify. I never thought I needed to do that with the title company. I had already closed another business with them. I lost $107,000. That was extremely painful, but we go through trials like this, and you have got to be the one that stays on top and does the right thing.

Those three people bought those houses, but I never got the funds for them. In essence, I truly could have taken those three homes and kept them for myself because I never got the funds paid to me. We always do the right thing. I was not going to make my three investors suffer and say they lost their money. I had already paid for those three homes. I gave each one of those three investors home and I never said a word about it to any of them.

They didn’t know?

They never knew because I did the right thing and talk about doing the right thing for people by people. I granted them those homes even though I never got paid. That was one of the big hardships that I went through. That was a tough nut to swallow. There was a lot of self-talk, frustration, I was upset and I was mad. These are some of the things that happen in business. I had another one where one of my investors, the water got turned on and flooded the entire house. That was my investor’s fault. I took it upon myself because my investors are my family and friends. I treat them like they are family, even though they’re not family. Their hurt is my hurt. Things like that do happen again, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies but the wins far outweigh those trials.

What are some steps now that our readers can take to accelerate their growth and maximize their finances? What little things can they start doing to move towards this financial freedom? 

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It depends. If your readers are looking for something passive for them to create financial freedom, obviously real estate all the way. There’s no doubt about it. The best number one investment one can make is in themselves. It’s in themself to train because what I have found the most powerful thing that we have in each one of us is the thing that resides between our ears. It’s our head. What kind of self-talk are you having? Each one of you readers, what kind of story are you putting in your own head? Here’s the truth of the matter, every single morning we get up, we all fight the same battle. In our heads, we hear that, “We’re a weak sock, we can’t do it, we’re not going to win, we’re a loser,” whatever it is. We’re all human. I don’t care who you are. Those negative thoughts pop into your head that you’re a crappy mom and not smart. Come on, am I talking to anyone? I am.

Every single morning, I wake up and guess what it is. I have to remind myself and have my self-talk in the morning, “I am worthy, I am brilliant, I am beautifully and wonderfully made. He loves me, I’m a winner, I’m an incredible mom.” If we’re not telling ourselves these, I can assure you one thing, nobody else is out there to tell us. It’s that world we live in. What you can see and you believe as you’ve heard, you will achieve. What are you feeding? Is it negative thoughts or is it positive? Good thoughts so that you can walk out, be a light on the hill and be that intelligent one that makes massive moves and take others along for the ride.

If nothing else, the first thing that they can do is begin to do these self conversations saying, “I’m great. I’m supposed to be here. I’m supposed to be doing this,” whatever this thing is that you’re doing.

The other thing that I would highly recommend every morning, the other thing I do is I wake up every morning and I write my thankfuls. I write five things that I’m thankful for every single morning.

You have a gratitude journal. 

I take them one step further. I write down five things that I’m grateful for. I’m thankful for my husband because we get so caught up in the monotony. At times we forget our spouses, to encourage them and all the things that we appreciate about them. I am struggling with that. I have to put that on the forefront and make sure that I make that a priority. Does my husband come into my office and sneak in my book and look to see what I’ve written? Of course, he does. Does it make him feel good? Absolutely. It’s getting your head right and walking out. If we are thankful in the morning and we plan our day right on what we want to accomplish, what we’re thankful for, the trajectory of the day is going to go finer because that’s where we set our mind first thing in the morning.

I always like to leave my readers with three takeaways from my episodes. What are your three takeaways for my readers that you can share with them? I think the number one is the mindset at the beginning of the day, a gratitude journal. That’s great number one, then 1 or 2 more things. 

I would say if you are in the position to invest in real estate, you’ve already got your other job, your other business, company or entrepreneurial thing over there, you will have freedom if you have multiple streams of income coming in. What if you could invest into multifamily and you did not have to do any of the operations? It was a set it and forget it. You could work with an intelligent, powerful team per se that could double your money in five years. Is that something that would be appealing to you? That’s exactly what Quattro Capital does. We want to help empower an individual and create an additional stream of income. Many people don’t know this.

F1A 5 | Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: The most powerful thing that we have for each one of us is the thing that resides between our ears.


You do not have to have $50,000 in your bank account to invest. You could certainly use a Roth IRA, an IRA 401(k). Perhaps you no longer work for a company and you’ve moved it into a Schwab account. You can take that money and invest it in real estate, which is a whole other conversation. When you get in this space and you start to create passive income for yourself, there is something that comes along, which is confidence. You have this confidence and you exude this demeanor that one would die for. You have a little bit more courage and better self-esteem. You feel like you’re planning and preparing properly and that’s what it’s about. It’s empowering you and helping you to prepare for your future, leave a legacy, and be properly positioned when you do retire. That’s what we help our people with.

Number three, it’s entrepreneurship. Do not delay. Figure out what it is. Do you have to be passionate about what it is that you do as that additional side gig or a stream of income? You do not have to, perhaps it’s a vehicle to get you where you truly want to go. I highly recommend if you have an opportunity to jump in the game and get out of the 9:00 to 5:00. I’m not telling you to get out of that 9:00 to 5:00 now by any stretch until that side gig or that entrepreneurial move that you made can replace the income that you’re currently earning. We don’t hop off the train too early. I see that quite a bit. Especially even in the multifamily space, people think that it’s going to rain money and it takes some time to build it up. You’ve got to properly position yourself and be prepared most definitely.

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Lastly, let our readers know how they can get in touch with you, what platforms you’re on, what they need to do to reach out, and get more information about your company. 

I would love to connect with you even as a friend of friend and you need some advice. We’re all here to help one another, to grow in life, and become better. For that, if you need a little pick me up or some love or some insight, I am so happy to connect with you. The best way to get ahold of me is by going to www.TheQuattroWay.com. You can learn about my team who I talked about. They’re brilliant partners that I’ve got. We’ve got videos of each of us. Get to know us with a short little video. If you do want to connect, go to my page, you’ll see book an appointment. I would love to jump on a call and share with you how together possibly, I can help you achieve those goals that you’re looking for in life.

Thank you so much for your time and energy that you bring. You’re so excited and it’s great because people feed off of that. It has been a pleasure. I enjoyed the first time when I spoke with you and this time, I got a chance to record this. I got the chance that you’re here and see you again. Thank you so much, Erin Hudson, from Quattro Capital. Keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully, I’ll be able to invest with you soon and make my retirement a little easier. 

You have a mighty fine day and thank you so much for having me.

Take care, Erin. I’ll talk to you soon.

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About Dr. Erin Hudson

F1A 5 | Financial FreedomDr. Erin Hudson is the proud mom to five beautiful children and a wife to one incredibly handsome husband.

She has run 16 full marathons around the world. She loves spending time with her family outdoors and traveling the world. She gives, not only money, but her time to the less fortunate. She’s been involved with building orphanages, feeding the poor and providing clean water to villages where there was none. She loves a challenge and thrives when she’s presented with one.

She was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and has a zest for life and a passion to leave her mark in this wild world. As a parent, she is on a mission to change the trajectory of her family’s life by living and teaching her children financial literacy, living life by design, being incredibly intentional, growing generational wealth so that she can leave a massive legacy.

She is a chiropractic doctor by profession and an athlete at heart. In 2009, she opened her first wellness center and business was a success. Within 12 months, she opened a second office. She worked with 30 team members and at that point learned the power of duplication. She was able to train three doctors, essentially “duplicating” herself. So in 2017, she was able to work on the business and no longer in the business. In March of 2020, she sold her last practice so and began to focus all her efforts on her real passion, helping build communities and assisting people with creating financial freedom.

At the moment her portfolio consists of:

  • Managing Partner for 104-unit value-add multifamily in Houston, TX purchased in May 2019
  • Managing Partner for 30-unit commercial retain in Tallahassee, FL purchased in August 2019
  • Managing Partner for 35-unit value-add multifamily in Knoxville purchased in January 2020
  • Managing Partner for 36-unit value-add multifamily in Atlanta purchased in March 2020
  • Managing Partner for 67-unit value-add multifamily portfolio in Knoxville purchased in July 2020

Contact Dr. Erin: